John Mariotti active in Community Affairs

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  • John Mariotti is currently a member of the Columbus Rotary; where he is leading the Veteran-Student Coaching & Mentoring program in cooperation with The Ohio State Veteran Affairs Office; as Chair of the Promotion Committee (2016-2017) and as a participant in other youth-oriented Rotary programs, including its Scholarship Committee
  • Mariotti is a member of the Ohio State Downtown Quarterback Club/li>
  • Mariotti to participate in Columbus Dispatch Reader Advisory project

The Chinese Conspiracy

The Chinese Conspiracy

John Mariotti's new novel The Chinese Conspiracy poses a huge question: "What Happens When Nothing Works?"

What if all forms of electronic communications and computer controls were "shut down" at once? This is exactly the frightening prospect posed by John Mariotti's new novel, The Chinese Conspiracy. The U. S. government is temporarily helpless, as panic spreads. Evil forces are using global extortion to exact a frightening toll.

Mariotti Expands Writing To Columns, Articles, News Stories & Commentaries

John Mariotti's thoughts will now be available on a wider range of electronic media than ever.

  • As a weekly regular on the brand new digital news magazine -- As a periodic contributor to The Daily Journal .
  • John's long-running bi-weekly commentary in "Telling It Like It Is."

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